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2020 May

Psalm 85                         Jeffrey B. Childs 05/01/20 Lord, you've been kind to your land. You have changed things for the better. You’ve forgiven your people’s wrongdoing. You've covered all their sins down to the letter. God speaks peace to the faithful ones. Don't let them return to foolish ways. God’s salvation is very close. God's glory lives always. Faithful love and truth have met. Righteousness and peace have kissed. Yes, the Lord gives what is good, And our land’s ample produce persist.   Psalm 86                         Jeffrey B. Childs 05/02/20 Lord, listen closely and answer me. Because I am poor and in need. Guard my life because I am faithful. For I trust in you indeed. Have mercy on me, Lord, I cry out to you all day. Make your servant’s life blessed again. Please answer me when I pray. Teach me your way, Lord, That I can walk in the same. Make my heart focused, Only on honor