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2021 February

  O God, We Come to You with Praise (tune: St. Anne UMH 117)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 2/1/2 1   O God, we come to you with praise, For all that you have done. You've guided us since ancient days, The victory you’ve won.   For all you've done we celebrate, And for all you have been. To us you've been both good and great, Forgiving every sin.   No matter what sin we have done, Or good we've failed to do. You have forgiven us each one, That we might start anew.   Help us, O God, to fully live, And be what we might be. Abundant life to us you give, For all eternity.   When Things Around Us (tune: Crimond UMH 118)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 2/2/21   When things around us are the worst, Then God is at God's best. When all that's left is faith and hope, By God we are each blessed.   Though there are struggles in this life, That might overwhelm us. We give thanks th