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2022 December

  We Watch for Christ to Come Again                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 12/1/22   We watch for Christ to come again, For the end of this age. In the beginning all began, In the Bible’s first page.   In the beginning all was made, In what we call six days. In darkness, Christ called out, and bade, God's light to light our ways.   Thus, time began with day and night, The seasons and the years. As it began, it'll end alright, As Earth's last day now nears.   The day will come as days do come, But this will change it all. Watch and see what life will become, When the Lord comes to call.   It All Began at Christmas Time                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 12/3/22   It all began at Christmas time, So very long ago. God had a reason and a rhyme, To share with us below.   We celebrate that Christ has come, And dwelled among us here. In Bethlehem it was begun, When Jesus did appear.   So he