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2022 January

A New Year Begins Anew                         Jeffrey B. Childs 1/1/22    A new year begins anew. What might this year be for you? Be open to God all your days, And watch out how each one plays!   Some will be chilly some quite hot. Some will be great some will not. Some will drag on others fly by. Live each one fully or at least try.   Make a difference every day, By just what you might do or say. You are unique and it's up to you, To be who you are and do what you do.   Come Before the Lord                         Jeffrey B. Childs 1/3/22    Come before the Lord. Calm your soul and mind. Come and be restored. Seek and you will find.   Sit with God today. Speak and listen to. What's God have to say? Ask God to guide you.   Take some holy time, Throughout every day. In these times sublime, Be with God and pray.   On the Twelfth Day of Christmas                         Jeffrey B. Childs 1/4/22    On