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2020 December

  Prepare the Way (Mark 1)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 12/1/20   Prepare the way of the Lord, Make the pathway clear. For the Lord is coming, The Lord is nearly here.   We all want to be ready, Do all the good you can. The devil is in the details, But God is in the plan.   John the Baptist cries out, For all of us who’ll hear. Now’s the time to get to work! The Lord is drawing near.   When Your World Is Upside Down                         Jeffrey B. Childs 12/2/20   When your world is upside down, How can it be set right? The force is strong to keep it wrong, Changing might take all your might.   What are the steps that you must take, To move from here to there? Some might be easy to undertake, Many will be hard to bear.   “It cannot be done,” some will say, Others will hold you back. With faith in God who gives you strength, There is nothing that you lack.   Take that first step and then another,