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2021 September

  Jesus the Healer (Mark 7) (tune: National Hymn UMH 567)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 9/2/21   Jesus, the Healer, touched so many lives, And to this day many lives Christ revives. Those who can't hear or do not listen well, Do hear Him and now to all the world tell.   A woman who was not part of the fold, Her daughter would not be healed, she was told. Jesus came only to help Israel, She replied that dogs got the crumbs that fell.   That day the faith was opened up to all, Hadn’t God so loved the world after all. Not just the eyes and ears were opened up, All were forgiven by the bread and the cup.   We are not forgiven 'cause of our birthright, We are blessed by God who makes all wrongs right. Not just Messiah of one creed or race, But of the world in each and every place.   Share this Good News with everyone you meet, Throughout the world, up and down every street. Jesus is Lord and not just for some, But