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2023 June

  We Celebrate That God Is One                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 6/1/23   We celebrate that God is one, And above God that there is none. God the creator made everything. So, to the Lord our praises we bring.   At the right time God sent us Jesus, God in the flesh to connect with us. He taught us all how we should live, And on the cross his life he did give.   The Holy Spirit from heaven came down, Like a mighty wind with a powerful sound. Timid disciples became bold. How to strangers the Good News they told.   We Celebrate Our Unity                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 6/2/23   We celebrate our unity, And also our diversity. In Christ we are all made one, The people of God under the sun.   Disciples offered the good news, To the gentiles and the Jews. In Jesus name go out and share, With all the people everywhere.   In the Morning I Arise                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 6/3/23