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2020 August

  Our Calling to Fulfill                         Jeffrey B. Childs 08/02/20 In the midst of turmoil, In the midst of grief, We come to you, Lord, Seeking peace and relief.   Burdens weigh heavy, Troubles overwhelm, But our ship sails smoothly, When we give you the helm.   You said your yolk’s easy, And your burden is light. Alone we are feeble, But with you all is right.   Give us strength to give you, Control of our life and our will. That we might be worthy, Our calling to fulfill.   On a Dark and Stormy Night (Matthew 14)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 08/03/20 On a dark and stormy night, The disciples were out at sea. Filled with fear and fright, On the water a ghost they see.   It is Jesus it turns out, On the water he is walking. Peter from the boat did shout, And with Jesus he started talking.   If it is Jesus, Peter wants to step out. He wants to walk upon the waves, But sinks when he begins to