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2021 January

  We Celebrate (tune: Azmon UMH 57)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 1/1/2 1   We celebrate each brand new day, And each year as it starts. Give thanks to God each time you pray, From the bottom of your hearts.   In this new day in all you do, And in the way you live, The Lord will surely see you through, And to the Lord thanks give.   When there is doubt and there is fear, No matter what you face, Remember the Lord's always near, And surrounds us all with grace.   We Celebrate the Lord (tune: Italian Hymn UMH 61)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 1/2/21   We celebrate the Lord, The one to be adored. We sing God's praise, With each uplifted voice, We stand and make our choice, Forever to rejoice, All of our days.   God gives us each rebirth, To show our sacred worth, By God we’re blessed. And so, we live that way, Through all we do and say, Until we reach someday, Eternal rest.   This