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2024 March

  I’m a Little Flower                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 3/4/24 (Tune: I’m a Little Teapot)   I'm a little flower, growing tall. Once I was a seed, very, very small.   Then when I was planted, in the row, with the other seedlings, I began to grow.   First there were the green leaves, then a bud, and now I'm blooming. Thanks be to God.   The Holy Church That I Believe In                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 3/10/24   The holy church I believe in, The communion of saints we are. A new life in Christ we begin, Following Christ, we will go far.   As Christ’s body, his hands and feet, We will do all that we can do. We will help each person we meet, That Christ’s true love comes shining through.   I Believe Everyone Wins                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 3/12/24   I believe everyone wins, When the Lord forgives our sins. Every sin the Lord does erase, All by God's am

2024 February

  Into Jerusalem Jesus Rode                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/1/24   Into Jerusalem Jesus rode, Upon a donkey’s back. The beast carried A heavenly load, Upon the well-worn track.   The people held palm branches high, To Jesus they did sing. Shouting hosannas as he passed by, As if he were a king.   Out of their houses people came, And stood along the way. For all to hear they did proclaim, Their savior came that day.   Today we also shout and sing, For it is Palm Sunday. We testify that Christ’s our king, We celebrate today.   In a World                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/2/24   In a world with so much darkness, God said let there be light. In a world of hurt and distress, The Lord will make things right.   In a world in conflict and war, God sent the Prince of peace. In a world deep down in its core, Faith and hope never cease.   In a world where all seems so wrong, As wrong as it