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2023 August

  There Are Times When We Must Believe                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 8/1/23   There are times when we must, Believe and by faith walk. For we all know, in God we trust, That's more than idle talk.   Peter was in the boat, Far out upon the sea. There in a storm and tossed about, Something walked, what could it be?   They could not see who it was, Who stood there upon the lake. Peter recognized it was Jesus, A leap of faith he'd take.   Jesus called Peter to come, And walk out on the sea. Fear of the storm made him slip some, In peril he came to be.   Peter to Jesus cried, Jesus to Peter reached out. Then Jesus to Peter replied, “why did you ever doubt?”   “Have faith and do not fear,” Jesus essentially said. No harm can come when Jesus is near, We are saved and we are blessed.   O Lord, We Come to You                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 8/2/23   O Lord, we come to you. Hear this

2023 July

  Christ Calls Disciples Everywhere                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 7/1/23   Christ calls disciples everywhere, To be of one heart and mind, To go out into the world to share, With all of humankind.   Today listen for the Lord's call, Upon your very heart. You’ll not be called to do it all, But simply do your part.   When all the parts together come, The body will be whole. We'll see what Christ’s church can become, When we each play our role.   We may not see it here on earth, But in the by and by. We will see each part for what it's worth, When Christ’s church is raised on high.   We’re Called                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 7/2/23   We’re called to love all our neighbors, And treat them all the same. We’re called to welcome everyone, In the Lord Jesus’ name.   We're called to faithfully follow, Wherever Jesus leads. We're called to use all of our gifts, To help meet