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2022 October

  Let Me Sing of Love and Justice (Psalm 101.1)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 10/1/22     Let me sing of love and justice, To the Lord sing praises. Let me sing of the love of Jesus, Revealed in scripture phrases.   The poor and sick were lifted up, And the lost sheep were found. Christ is revealed in bread and cup. In him I'm safe and sound.   Though all have sinned and fallen short, Sinners are forgiven. Through Christ people will find comfort, Welcomed into heaven.   Lord, Hear My Humble Prayer (Psalm 102.1)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 10/2/22     Lord, here, my humble prayer. Let my cry reach you. My soul to you I bare, That you will see me through.   I turn to you alone. No one else is there. You hear my deepest groan, In my dark despair.   I don't know just when, You will respond to me. I will be restored then, For all eternity.   Let My Soul Bless the Lord (Psalm 103.1)