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2022 September

  As for Me, I Will Hope Always (Psalm 71)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 9/1/22     As for me, I will hope always, To God I will sing praise. I will tell the gods riches deeds, That supply all our needs.   The Lord almighty blesses us, Through the words of Jesus. And by his resurrection we, We'll live eternally.   Join in with me and sing this song, Praise the Lord all day long. No matter what the day might bring, Praise to God we will sing.   Lord, Let There Be Abundant Grain (Psalm 72)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 9/2/22     Lord, let there be abundant grain, In the pastures. Let it wave. Bless the earth with abundant rain, By your hand, our lives you save.   Lord, let there be all that we need. For this we most humbly pray. For each plant with lifegiving seed, We give thanks to you today.   Lord, let fruits flourish in season, Each harvest in abundance. We praise your name for this reaso