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2023 February

  In the Early Morning Quiet                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/1/23   In the early morning quiet, When the world is still asleep, It is peaceful. Can't deny it. A silent vigil we keep.   Darkness begins to enlighten, Then early birds start to sing, And the sky begins to brighten. Sunrise shines on everything.   Thanks be to God for this new day, And what all lies before us. With God take holy time to pray. Sing with the angelic chorus.   God, You Call Us on a Journey                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/2/23   God, you call us on a journey, To humbly follow you, That we might be what we might be, And do what we might do.   Illumined by your scriptures, And listening when we pray, When all seems blocked you open doors, And guide us on your way.   Inspire our hearts and guide our feet, Where you want us to go. There are people whom we will meet, And to them your love show.   As You Forg