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2023 March

  Through Your Word, O Lord, Speak to Me                         Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 3/1/23   Through your word, O Lord, speak to me, On how to live each day, That I'd be what you'd have me be, Through what the scriptures say.   For there are told stories of hold, In genesis and such, Of faithful men and women bold That I could learn so much.   When I thoroughly read the psalms, There's both praise and laments, There's punishments and soothing balms, And your divine judgments.   The prophets speak your holy word, Of your hope or your wrath. Often your word just went unheard, People chose the wrong path.   Good news we read in the gospels, Of Christ who came to save. Through miracles and parables, New life lessons he gave.   We read in Acts some history, On how the church did start. The letters flesh out the story, Of how each did their part.   As I read there's a place for me, Within each scriptu