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2022 August

  How Precious Is Your Steadfast Love (Psalm 36.7)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 8/1/22     How precious is your steadfast love, O Lord, of all creation! It rains down from the heavens above, On every land and nation.   Your love comes upon everyone, Though only some believe it. Bless us today to show someone, To whom we might reveal it.   As we've been loved, so let us love, And pass it on to others. For all is who you are God of, All are sisters and brothers.   Trust in the Lord (Psalm 37)                         Jeffrey B. Childs 8/2/22     Trust in the Lord, and always do good, That you may live the way that you should.   Delight in the Lord and you will be blessed. Spend time with God and each Sabbath rest.   Wait for the Lord. Follow the Lord’s way. God will lift you, when to God you pray.   Sing to the Lord join the melody. Shout, “Alleluia!” To God all praise be.   Believe the Lord - all that th