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2022 February

The Earth Is the Lord’s                         Jeffrey B. Childs 2/2/22    The earth is the Lord’s. We're the caretakers. Take care how we treat it, For it is the Maker’s.   We’re to take care of, The land, air, and seas, All of the creatures, And all plants and trees.   We're responsible, For the way we live, In God's creation, And the care we give.   Let's be good stewards, As caretakers take care, Of God's creation, On this world we share.   In This World of Challenges                         Jeffrey B. Childs 2/3/22    In this world of challenges, Of turmoil, and of strife, We give thanks that God is here, Offering abundant life.   We can be more than we've been. Today we can be found, On the wrong path sorely lost, God can help us turn around.   Stop today and take a look, And where it is you're going. Make a course correction and take, The path that God is showing.   E