2024 February


Into Jerusalem Jesus Rode

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/1/24


Into Jerusalem Jesus rode,

Upon a donkey’s back.

The beast carried A heavenly load,

Upon the well-worn track.


The people held palm branches high,

To Jesus they did sing.

Shouting hosannas as he passed by,

As if he were a king.


Out of their houses people came,

And stood along the way.

For all to hear they did proclaim,

Their savior came that day.


Today we also shout and sing,

For it is Palm Sunday.

We testify that Christ’s our king,

We celebrate today.


In a World

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/2/24


In a world with so much darkness,

God said let there be light.

In a world of hurt and distress,

The Lord will make things right.


In a world in conflict and war,

God sent the Prince of peace.

In a world deep down in its core,

Faith and hope never cease.


In a world where all seems so wrong,

As wrong as it can be.

May the world learn to sing a song,

With global harmony.


In a world so overwhelming,

May we find the Lord's grace.

In the world God's love is shining,

Look for it in each face.


God, Speak to Us

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/5/24


God, speak to us and help us hear,

The Good News of Jesus.

Help us hear, in our inner ear,

Your word for all of us.


Reveal to us and help us see,

With insightful vision.

May we see with your clarity,

Our purpose and mission.


Share with us and help us to feel,

How much that you love us.

May we reveal your love is real,

When we speak of Jesus.


Holy Lord God

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/7/24


Holy Lord God, we sing your praise.

We lift your name on high.

We worship you all of our days.

Your name we glorify.


Hear our petitions when we pray.

We bring them all to you.

Speak to us and show us the way.

Today what might we do?


Inspire our hearts that we may give,

All that we have to share.

Help us to go from here to live,

Blessed by your tender care.


When a Stranger Is in Need

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/9/24


When a stranger is in need,

We offer a kind deed,

The Lord is pleased.

By seeing what we saw,

And filled with holy awe,

We have fulfilled the law,

The law of love.


If someone is in pain,

Help them their health to regain,

And their pain cease.

Show them you are aware,

Give tender loving care,

With them the Lord's love share.

Offer Christ's peace.


Whenever You’re in Want or Need

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/10/24


Whenever you're in want or need,

Call on God who hears when we plead.

God will be there. God will be there.

God will be there to see us through.

God will do what all that God can do.

God will be there. God will be there.

God will be there. God will be there.


When others you know are in doubt,

Share with them what it's all about.

God will be there. God will be there.

Share with them your faith in Jesus,

and how he shows God's love to us.

God will be there. God will be there.

God will be there. God will be there.


When on our life we do reflect,

God's been there to help and protect.

God has been there. God has been there.

Looking back one thing we can say,

God has been with us day by day.

God will be there. God will be there.

God will be there. God will be there.


I Believe in God

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/12/24


I believe in God,

Who believes in me.

God is the creator,

Of everything I see.

I believe in God,

Almighty up above.

God is very personal.

God is simply love.


I believe in God,

Who believes in you.

God has given you gifts,

To do what you can do.

I believe in God,

Tell me about you.

How might my faith help,

You to believe too?


We Worship God Who Reigns Above

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/13/24


We worship God who reigns above,

Who created all things in love.

Who made with us a sacred oath,

That God and neighbor we love both.


In God's image we all were formed,

And by God our hearts were warmed.

Before we return to the sod,

Let's live our lives fully for God.


For all the sins we've ever made,

Upon the cross the price was paid.

Forgiven were all sins that day,

So that we can all live that way.


Today We Journey to the Cross

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/15/24


Today we journey to the cross.

Look for the signs we come across.

By them God will show us the way,

Less we foolishly go astray.


We are not alone as we journey.

There are others who walk closely,

Blessed companions on the way,

Keeping us moving day by day.


There were those who'd walked before us,

On this holy walk with Jesus.

They shared what all they learned from Christ.

What all for us he sacrificed.


And so with faith we journey on,

This path that God's put us upon.

Invite others to come and see.

This path leads to eternity.


O Lord, We Gather in your Name

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/17/24


O Lord, we gather in your name,

To worship you is why we came.

We offer you our prayers and praise.

Forgive us. Help us change our ways.


O Lord, we gather in your name,

To forgive and not to blame.

For you have sent to us Jesus,

Who died upon the cross for us.


O Lord, we gather in your name,

Forgive our sins. Remove our shame.

Upon our souls your mercy pour,

That we might live forevermore.


Jesus Asked the Disciples

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/21/24


Jesus asked the disciples,

“Who do people say I am?”

Images in parables,

A shepherd seeks a lost lamb.


Jesus high and lifted up,

Jesus with us as a friend,

Jesus in the bread and cup,

The images have no end.


Take some time to discern,

For yourself, who is Jesus?

You will be blessed when you learn,

From him who came to teach us.


Lift Up Your Hearts

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/22/24


Lift up your hearts. Rejoice!

Sing praises to Jesus.

For all he's done lift up your voice.

For all he is and does.


All people celebrate,

For you have been set free.

Our salvation came on that date,

When he hung on the tree.


So, live your life today,

As one who is forgiven.

In faith forgive others each day,

As we prepare for heaven.


Lost Sheep, Lost Sheep

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/23/24

(Tune: Bah Bah Black Sheep)


Lost sheep, lost sheep,

Jesus looks for you,

For you are precious,

In the Shepherd’s view.


He'll leave the others,

While he looks for you.

He'll bring you safely back,

Because he loves you.


Lost sheep, lost sheep,

Jesus looks for you,

For you are precious,

In the Shepherd’s view.


Spirit of God, Breathe upon Us

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/27/24


Spirit of God, breathe upon us,

the life-giving gift of love,

As you came down upon Jesus,

in the symbol of a dove.

On the waters at creation,

in the darkness there you blew.

As wind blows across the nation,

breathe in us our lives renew.


Breathe on us that your fruit we bear,

To be used to bless the earth.

Show us the ways that we might share,

with each other sacred worth.

Gifts you've given to each of us,

that a difference we might make.

For as followers of Jesus,

all we do’s for Jesus’ sake.


Come, Holy Spirit

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/28/24


Come, Holy Spirit, come this way.

Breathe on us each and every day.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

We've been blessed by each gift you give.

With each breath, help us fully live.

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!


Breathe down on us from heaven above.

Breathe on us gifts of peace and love.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

Kindness, joy, patience, faithfulness,

Self-control, goodness, gentleness,

Are all your gifts. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!


Jesus Loves You

                        Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs 2/29/24

(Tune: Ring Around the Rosy)


Jesus loves you,

Jesus loves you,

Little one,

Little one.

Do all that you can do,

Do all that you can do,

Till it's done,

Till it's done.


Receive God's love,

Receive God's love,

Precious child,

Precious child,

It is what you are made of,

It is what you are made of,

Meek and mild,

Meek and mild.


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